Moving Home Without a Removal Company

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that you can do in life, but there are ways to minimise the anxiety and make it as care-free as possible.

More often than not, people will hire a removal company to move all of their belongings from one house to the next, and while this makes it easier in one sense, it can be stressful trying to pay the high cost of using removal men.

Hire Your Own Van

One way to reduce the cost of moving home is to try to do as much of it yourself, rather than use outside labour.

If you do not have a large vehicle then you can choose from the vast array of van hire, Swindon has to offer and save yourself a lot of money.

By hiring a van you will be able to load and unload your packages at your own pace. You will also not have to meet tight deadlines and have no time restrictions that may be imposed by a removal company.

Have Sort Good Old Out

Without the pressure to get everything boxed up and ready for the removal firm, you will have the time to declutter and get rid of all of the items you rarely use ahead of your move.

If you find that you have not used that food processor in your top cupboard for over three years or you have not worn those red shoes since 1980, then the likelihood is that they will not be of use again.

Label Your Boxes

The truth is that without a removal van you will need to keep on top of what you have packed and what is in each box. When you arrange your van hire, Swindon based TSP Kar Hire recommend that you tackle one room at a time and always pack the things that you use least first.

Once you have labelled your boxes they can be stored in the nearest room to the door until you are ready to make your move, then you once they have been transported to your new home, they can be placed in the relevant room ready to be unpacked.

Ask a Friend to Lend a Hand

If everything seems a little too much, then you can rely on your friends and family to give you a helping hand ahead of your big move. Smaller items can be packed into cars, saving the van that you hire for larger items that are more tricky to transport.

To book your van hire, Swindon based TSP Kar Hire are ready to take your call and we can offer advice on the size of the van that you will need. Rates of van hire are very competitive and we will always make it worth your while opting out of using a removal company.